Duello Group is a sports management and marketing company based in Istanbul, Turkey with a specialty in fighting sport as MMA and Kickboxing.

Founded in 2013 and based in Istanbul, Turkey is a sports management company that takes care of the careers of professional athletes. Duello is founded to provide better guidance to our clients. At Duello we believe in the talent and determination of our athletes, that's why we want to provide them with the best opportunities possible to make it to the top, and stay there.  Duello Sports Managements has designed a system of services that helps athlete achieve his/here goals and maximize his/her fighting career.  We are offering clients the full range of services including lucrative fighting opportunities, sponsorships, commission compliance, career guidance, and much more.

We are able to help clients in all aspects of their careers.  Duello Sports Management understands the unique personalities of each individual fighter, and use holistic marketing plans to build each fighters brand to match their personality and provide them with the best opportunities during and after their fighting career.