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Anatpong "Mak Mak" Bunrad : "i would love to be the face of Thai MMA"

Fight Sport Asia is a huge supporter of Asian MMA and the MMA scene that Thailand has produced.

With multiple world class gym, fighters in the UFC, Bellator, ONE FC & many other major promotions, being based in Thailand.
The scene is blossoming, with one major element missing…..

Local talent. Thai people have embraced non-Thai people training & competing in Mixed Martial Arts, however the scene is very shallow for Thai native MMA fighters.

Rambaa Sombet (Shooto) and Shannon Cai (One FC) seem to be a rare breed of Thai born MMA fighters who have taken on the sport, stuck to it and found success.

Recently we discovered one more Thai who is looking to make an impact in the Mixed Martial Arts world, and is more than happy to assist in building the sport in Thailand and for Thai people.

Fight Sport Asia sat with Anatpong ‘Mak Mak’ Bunrad ahead of his next Pro fight – June 14th for World Warriors Fighting Championship in Moldova Vs Mikhail Syrby.

FSA: What is your background in martial arts?

My back ground is BJJ and of course Thai boxing.

FSA: Where were you born and what does it mean to you to be represent your country?

I was born in Udon Thani (Thailand) but we moved to Belgium when i was child.
To represent my country, this means a lot, i want to let the world knows that Thailand is also the place to be for the MMA and not only Muay-Thai.

FSA: What are your goals in your Mma career?

My goals are to reach the best promotion in the world and to be the 1st Thai MMA fighter to get a belt!

FSA: Why do you think MMA has not seen many Thai fighters taking to the sport?

It’s true, we have already a few MMA Thai fighter which are now starting in the circuit of MMA.
I would love to be the face of new Thai MMA, for upcoming fighters.

FSA: What do you think about MMA gyms now developing world class facilities, teams and coaches in your home country of Thailand?

It’s great, and this is the part of a new story now for the MMA industry and sport. The time has come for us, and i believe there will be more to come in the future.

May 28, 2014 by Fight Sport Asia

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