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UFC FIGHT NIGHT 28 : Weigh-in of Ali

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For those who didn't see anything about the weigh-in yesterday of our UFC flyweight Ali Baugautinov. 

Don't miss it tonight his fight against the brazilian TUF veteran Marcos Vinicius.

Thank you for your support !!!

Vlieger and Kazgan scheduled for Moscow on Oct 26

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For their next MMA bout Marc Vlieger and Murat Kazgan make their return in a circular cage at the next FIGHT NIGHTS edition number 13.
Marc Vlieger will face the kyrgyz light heavyweight Kanyshbek Sarkarbaev. Opponent of Murat Kazgan will be announced next week.
This event will take place on October 26, 2013 at Rossia Concert Hall in Luzhniki, Moscow, Russia.
The event is headlined by a heavyweight duel between the russian rising star Ruslan Magomedov and the former UFC heavyweight champion Tim Silvia.  

Fans can follow them on Twitter @MarcoVlieger and @KazganMMA

Bagautinov scheduled for UFC on FS1 #3

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It's official, today we learned the name of the first opponent of Ali Bagautinov.
Ali Bagautinov meets brazilian TUF veteran Marcos Vinicius at UFC on FS1 #3 in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil on Sep 04, 2013.