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Shamil Zavurov

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MMA RECORD : 24 - 3 - 1     
HEIGHT : 5'8'' / 172 cm
WEIGHT : 155 LBS / 70 KG
DIVISION : Lightweight
HOMETOWN : Derbent, Dagestan


Shamil Zavurov (born July 4, 1984) is a professional Russian Lightweight Mixed Martial Artist, with a background in Sambo and freestyle wrestling. Shamil is currently fighting for Champion in Derbent, Republic of Dagestan where he is born and raised.

Zavurov attended high school in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan, where he began training in freestyle wrestling under Mairbek Yusupov (member of the 1977-78 USSR team who went went on to coach Dagestan’s freestyle wrestling team). Post-school, he studied at the Dagestan State Pedagogical University, graduating from the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports and also studied Law at the Dagestan Institute of Finance and Law. He continued working on his martial arts training, taking up Combat Sambo. He likes to employ the techniques Georges St-Pierre, whom he is a fan of.

Shamil Zavurov has achieved a great deal of success in combat sports. In addition to more than 50 victories in amateur and semi-professional MMA, he has triumphed more than 50 times in Combat Sambo bouts, in the process winning winning three world championships (2004, 2005, and 2007). He has also won international tournaments in Wushu Sanda (2003) and wrestling and was the 2002 Dagestani champion in Wushu Sanda in the youth division. In 2005 and 2007, he won Russian national championships and was twice the CIS champion in hand-to-hand combat.

A professional MMA competitor since 2004, Zavurov has won all but two of his professional fights.He is the former M-1 Global World Welterweight champion.

Zavurov signed with Bellator MMA and was reported to take part in Bellator MMA: Season Eight. However, for reasons of visa problems, did not take part in any event of the season.

Arne Boekee

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MMA RECORD : 4 - 1 - 0     
HEIGHT : 6'3'' / 190 cm
WEIGHT : 170 LBS / 77 KG
DIVISION : Welterweight
HOMETOWN : Heerlen, the Netherlands
ASSOCIATION : Team Thriving


Arne Boekee (born November 30, 1990) is a professional Dutch Welterweight Mixed Martial Artist, with a background in Judo and Sanda. Arne is currently fighting for Team Thriving in Heerlen, the Netherlands where he is born and raised. He is the younger brother of Ben Boekee.

After competing in the amateur circuit for several years, he achieved a 11-1 with 2 KO’s and 7 submissions. For his achievements he was awarded the title "best amateur fighter in the Netherlands". In 2011, he started as a professional fighter. In the professional circuit he held a professional mixed martial arts record of 4-0 in which he finished all of his opponent with different submissions in the first round. In 2012 he took a break from active fighting to complete his study in physical therapy. He expects to complete his study in June 2014. 

Although he did not compete in professional MMA fights for a while, Arne still continued to train in MMA and competed in several grappling tournaments. As from now, Arne is looking for a big opportunity to fight in America or Asia.


Ian Entwistle

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MMA RECORD : 8 - 1 - 0     
HEIGHT : 5'9'' / 175 cm
WEIGHT : 145 LBS / 65 KG
DIVISION : Featherweight
HOMETOWN : Accrington, England
ASSOCIATION : Phuket Top Team


Ian Entwistle (born November 19, 1986) is a professional English Featherweight Mixed Martial Artist, fighting out of Phuket Top Team in Phuket, Thailand.
He is a professional MMA competitor since 2010.

Ben Boekee

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MMA RECORD : 13 - 2 - 0     
SANDA RECORD : 32 - 4 - 0
HEIGHT : 5'8'' / 173 cm
WEIGHT : 135 LBS / 61 KG
DIVISION : Bantamweight
HOMETOWN : Heerlen, the Netherlands
ASSOCIATION : Team Thriving


Ben Boekee (born May 29, 1987) is a professional Dutch Bantamweight Mixed Martial Artist, with a background in Judo, Sanshou and kickboxing. Ben is currently fighting for Team Thriving in Heerlen, the Netherlands where he is born and raised. 

In Sanshou (Sanda), he is a two time former Dutch champion and multiple Golden Dragon Cup winner Before moving to mixed martial arts, Ben held a Sanshou record of 32-4-0. He also held a kickboxing record of 7-3-1. Ben competed at a national level in Judo since the age of five. He currently holds a 2nd Dan Judo Black Belt.

Early in 2012, Ben stopped his MMA fighting, as he continued with his studies. He therefore only competed a few times in kickboxing & grappling within the last two years. After successfully completing two studies; CIOS (to become a sport teacher) and his second study bachelor of education, Ben started training again. He is now fuelled by new knowledge, experiences and new goals to come back stronger than ever before.

Currently he is training at Team Thriving with Gino Bourne (Kickboxing coach), Gerrit Gerringa (Strength & Conditioning from next-levels), Will Heuts (Mental coach) and his brother Arne Boekee (Fysio). Ben is a professional MMA competitor since 2008.

In 2014, he joined Duello Sports Management and is now looking for a new competitive in the fighting scene.

Marko Kosev

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MMA RECORD : 4 - 1 - 0     
HEIGHT : 5'8'' / 173 cm
WEIGHT : 125 LBS / 56 KG
DIVISION : Flyweight
HOMETOWN : Sofia, Bulgaria
ASSOCIATION : Combat Sambo Club


Marko Kosev (born Feb 05, 1987) is a professional Bulgarian Flyweight Mixed Martial Artist, fighting out of Combat Sambo Club in Sofia, Bulgaria.
He was born in Sevlievo, in the Gabrovo Province, Bulgaria. Currently is living in Sofia, Bulgaria and training at Combat Sambo Club with boxing coach Ventisi Ivanov and Sambo coach Vulchin Garov. He is a professional MMA competitor since 2010.

He is 5-times World Combat Sambo Champion (2009 Greece, 2010 Uzbekistan, 2011 Lithuania, 2013 Russia, 2015 Morocco), vice European Combat Sambo Champion in 2007 and 2011, 3th place World Combat Sambo Championship in 2007 and 2008, in 2013 he was first place in World Combat Sambo Cup in Kazakhstan and Judo Black Belt Champion in Bulgaria. 

In his Sambo Career, he notably defeated two-time World combat Sambo Champion and mixed martial arts UFC fighter Ali Bagautinov in the finals of the 2010 World Sambo Championships on November 8, 2010 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

May 2016, Marko takes the 2nd place at the European Sambo Champion in Kazan, Russia

In May 2014, Kosev signed a contract with the RUFF to fight in their Flyweight division and 
earned by Unanimous Decision in his promotional debut at RUFF 13 in June 2014.

Kosev lost against Andrey Budazhapov in the finals of the 2014 World Sambo Championships on November, in Narita, Japan.
November 2015, Marko Kosev was crowned World Sambo Champion for the fifth time in Casablanca, Morocco.

In September 2016, for his training camp Marko joined Jackson's MMA in Alburquerque to reach a higher level in his career.
Since his last training camp at Jackson's nearly a year away from the cage, Marko was focused on recovering from his injury and surgery.
Marko is expected to make his come back later in December 2017.