Kaan Ofli

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MMA RECORD : 7 - 1 - 1          tapology-e1499481388758.jpg
HEIGHT : 5'69'' / 170 cm
WEIGHT : 145 LBS / 66 KG
DIVISION : Featherweight
HOMETOWN : Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Kaan Ofli (born June 19, 1993) is a professional Australian Featherweight Mixed Martial Artist, fighting out of Australian Top Team in Melbourne, Victoria.
Australian of Turkish descent who was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Ofli is a professional MMA competitor since 2014 and BJJ Brown Belt.  

Ofli recalls his late Turkish father took him to a Japanese jiu jitsu school when he was just 10 years old. His father worked in security and private investigation and wanted to learn new skills to assist his career. Ofli tagged along but it soon became apparent that he had a natural flare for combat sports.

Drawing inspiration from Japanese Samurais (that is the principle of using an attacker's energy against him, rather than directly opposing it), Ofli became an Australian title holder in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at age 13. Ofli recalls that due to his family breaking up and his father’s absence, his mother had a difficult time finding jobs and maintaining a home. His mum, little sister and him suffered homelessness, domestic abuse and regular upheaval. Ofli recalls he changed schools 6-7 times before deciding to leave school at just 14 to support his family. Although he was raised in a tough environment, Ofli found stability, structure and discipline in martial arts; which he thanks his mother for.

When Ofli was 18 his father tragically took his own life, which deeply affected him and caused him to grow up quickly.


"Dealing with the suicide of my father was very difficult; martial arts helped me get through it - the lesson of never giving up is deeply entrenched in my psych. I would hope one day to fight for mental health awareness and education." 

Though his world was flipped upside down as an adolescent, Ofli has remained remarkably motivated and optimistic. When he’s not training or fighting he is looking for creative ways to empower himself and remain independent. 

Ofli realises that you need to be quick on your feet if you want to survive in this world, and for this reason he is always looking for ways to innovate so he can make the most of his time. He began coaching martial arts at 18 years old and now coaches at Melbourne’s prestigious school of martial arts, Absolute MMA St Kilda. In his spare time, Ofli 

enjoys researching and learning about trading foreign currencies, resources and crypto currencies.

Other interests include emerging health and sport performance technologies or therapies such as cryotherapy, yoga, Wim Hoff breathing techniques, movement training and developing his emotional intelligence and awareness.

2017 - AFC - Xian, China (WIN)
2018 - BRAVE CF - Jakarta, Indonesia (WIN)
2019 - HEX FIGHT SERIES - Melbourne, Australia (WIN)

In his debut, Ofli faced Walid Laidi on October 18, 2019 at UAE Warriors 8. Ofli won the fight via TKO (elblow) in th first round.