Shamil Zavurov

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MMA RECORD : 24 - 3 - 1     
HEIGHT : 5'8'' / 172 cm
WEIGHT : 155 LBS / 70 KG
DIVISION : Lightweight
HOMETOWN : Derbent, Dagestan


Shamil Zavurov (born July 4, 1984) is a professional Russian Lightweight Mixed Martial Artist, with a background in Sambo and freestyle wrestling. Shamil is currently fighting for Champion in Derbent, Republic of Dagestan where he is born and raised.

Zavurov attended high school in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan, where he began training in freestyle wrestling under Mairbek Yusupov (member of the 1977-78 USSR team who went went on to coach Dagestan’s freestyle wrestling team). Post-school, he studied at the Dagestan State Pedagogical University, graduating from the Faculty of Physical Culture and Sports and also studied Law at the Dagestan Institute of Finance and Law. He continued working on his martial arts training, taking up Combat Sambo. He likes to employ the techniques Georges St-Pierre, whom he is a fan of.

Shamil Zavurov has achieved a great deal of success in combat sports. In addition to more than 50 victories in amateur and semi-professional MMA, he has triumphed more than 50 times in Combat Sambo bouts, in the process winning winning three world championships (2004, 2005, and 2007). He has also won international tournaments in Wushu Sanda (2003) and wrestling and was the 2002 Dagestani champion in Wushu Sanda in the youth division. In 2005 and 2007, he won Russian national championships and was twice the CIS champion in hand-to-hand combat.

A professional MMA competitor since 2004, Zavurov has won all but two of his professional fights.He is the former M-1 Global World Welterweight champion.

Zavurov signed with Bellator MMA and was reported to take part in Bellator MMA: Season Eight. However, for reasons of visa problems, did not take part in any event of the season.