Marko Kosev

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MMA RECORD : 4 - 1 - 0         tapology-e1499481388758.jpg
HEIGHT : 5'8'' / 173 cm
WEIGHT : 125 LBS / 56 KG
DIVISION : Flyweight
HOMETOWN : Sofia, Bulgaria
ASSOCIATION : Combat Sambo Club


Marko Kosev (born Feb 05, 1987) is a professional Bulgarian Flyweight Mixed Martial Artist, fighting out of Combat Sambo Club in Sofia, Bulgaria.
He was born in Sevlievo, in the Gabrovo Province, Bulgaria. Currently is living in Sofia, Bulgaria and training at Combat Sambo Club with boxing coach Ventisi Ivanov and Sambo coach Vulchin Garov. He is a professional MMA competitor since 2010.

He is 5-times World Combat Sambo Champion (2009 Greece, 2010 Uzbekistan, 2011 Lithuania, 2013 Russia, 2015 Morocco), vice European Combat Sambo Champion in 2007 and 2011, 3th place World Combat Sambo Championship in 2007 and 2008, in 2013 he was first place in World Combat Sambo Cup in Kazakhstan and Judo Black Belt Champion in Bulgaria. 

In his Sambo Career, he notably defeated two-time World combat Sambo Champion and mixed martial arts UFC fighter Ali Bagautinov in the finals of the 2010 World Sambo Championships on November 8, 2010 in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

May 2016, Marko takes the 2nd place at the European Sambo Champion in Kazan, Russia

In May 2014, Kosev signed a contract with the RUFF to fight in their Flyweight division and 
earned by Unanimous Decision in his promotional debut at RUFF 13 in June 2014.

Kosev lost against Andrey Budazhapov in the finals of the 2014 World Sambo Championships on November, in Narita, Japan.
November 2015, Marko Kosev was crowned World Sambo Champion for the fifth time in Casablanca, Morocco.

In September 2016, for his training camp Marko joined Jackson's MMA in Alburquerque to reach a higher level in his career.
Since his last training camp at Jackson's nearly a year away from the cage, Marko was focused on recovering from his injury and surgery.

No return is expected for right now.