We are proud to welcome Anton Linder as Managing Director of Duello

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Gökhan Yildizli, CEO of Duello Sports Management, is pleased to announce the addition of Anton Linder as a Managing Director with responsibility for Scandinavia, Asia, and Russia.
Anton Linder is a well-known agent from Sweden who has previous experience's with promotions in both Asia and Russia.

He has five years experience working with the major promotion in Europe and Russia, during the latest years he has been in touch with the biggest promotion company in the world including UFC and ONE Championship. 

He has helped many local agents from many countries to negotiate bringing the best athletes to the next level. As previously seen with Igor Svirid, the first Kazakhstan middleweight champion for ONE FC. Igor won 17 seconds in the 1st round by TKO, as well as the first bantamweight Russian female Milana Dudieva who fought in UFC.

Linder has a passion for working with countries where MMA is still growing. He has also travelled many countries with the mission to meet promoters from all around the world.

I am excited about the opportunity to work with the talented team of professionals and to help the firm grow its territory, especially Europe and Asia,” said Mr. Linder.

Anton’s goal is to open a big network between Europe, Asia and the rest of the world in martial arts business.