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Marc  Vlieger is currently preparing for his 4th fight. He holds a respectable 2-1-0 professional MMA record.

He will be looking to bounce back from his first loss in his MMA carreer.  
Marc recently took time out from training to speak with us about his life and future plans.  

How are you doing Marc ?

I’m doing well.  I’m in a great mood and I can’t wait for my next fight.


What’s happened on your last fight at FIGHT NIGHTS “Battle 10” ?

I made a mistake when my opponent Evgeny Kondratov surprised me with a left punch after sweeping me.  Then after the fight I had an injury because of orbital floor fracture. 


How is training going at the moment ?

Training is very good at the moment.  I started already 2 weeks ago my first sparring.


For your last fight you trained at the Jackson’s MMA, what is it like to be part of that team ?

It was the camp to become a better fighter. The location was in high altitude and I had the chance to sparr and roll with professional fighters like Carlos Condit, Andrei Arlovski, Kyle Noke, Ruslan Magomedov, Derek Brunson…lots of different people to test my skills with and learn from.


What’s your next ?

I’m scheduled to fight at FIGHT NIGHTS « Battle 12 » in June 20, 2013 in Moscow.  My opponent is not confirmed yet and i have a few other fights lined up to. But i hope to get a revenge against Evgeny Kondratov, if not, I am willing to fight anyone the FIGHT NIGHTS puts in front of me.


When you aren’t in the gym or cage/ring, what types of activities do you enjoy for fun ?

I like watching movies and being with my family.


What can we expect from Marc Vlieger for the year 2013 ?

First of all won all my fights till end of the year and get the chance to fight in a big organisation in Asia or in United States.


Lastly, MMA is as much a team sport as it is an individual one. Who would you like to thank?

I would like to thank my manager Gokhan Yildizli for believing in me, he is a big part of getting me in the fighting world.  My coaches Pavlo Tsimos and Juan Grizzo at Icon Team. Taô Cho my Stengh and Conditionning coach.  My teammates at ASSIM GYM and all the team of Jackson’s MMA. FIGHT NIGHTS for believing me... especially Mr. KamiL Gadziev ! And of courses to my sponsors DUELLO GROUP. 

Thank to all ! Without you none of this would be happening in my life !

April 25, 2013 by Duello Group

You can follow Marc Vlieger on twitter - @MarcoVlieger or “Like” his Facebook page: MarcoVliegerFanPage